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PC Repairs PC Repairs An effective working PC is not only a pleasure, it saves time and money too. So why not get your PC fixed, and restore that happy computing experience. We aim to provide convenient onsite assistance in a wide range of issues such as No Power, PC will not switch on Slow PC, or Slow Internet Blue Screen Virus or Spywar... Read more
Virus Removal Virus Removal Not all virus infections are obvious. We typically find several that were unknown to the user, despite having the latest security software installed. These can steal your identity, your passwords, or worse. Other infections typically slow the computer, no internet connection, strange things happening etc. Our PCfixguys can... Read more
Tune Up Tune Up When a computer is running slow, it can be very frustrating wasting time and money waiting for things to happen. Over time your computer can naturally lose its efficiency meaning you don’t get the best performance. So its makes good sence to have it tuned up again,  to make it run as fast as possible. PCfixguys recommends ... Read more
Laptop Repairs Manchester Laptop Repairs Manchester An effective working laptop is not only a pleasure, it can save time and money too. So why not get your laptop fixed, and restore that happy computing experience. We aim to provide convenient onsite assistance in a wide range of issues such as No Power, Laptop will not Switch on Slow Laptop, or Slow Wireless Interne... Read more
Healthcheck Healthcheck This is a comprehensive healthcheck  for your computer and is our most popular service. You may not have a fault, but every computer needs to be regularly serviced to keep it running at its best. Over time your hard drive loses speed, the PC case builds up internal dust increasing its temperature, maybe you have spyware ad... Read more
Data Transfer Data Transfer Bought a new PC or laptop ? Then why not safely and securely transfer personal files, photos, music and any other files from your old PC to your new one. We can perform this service on any PC or laptop no matter where is was bought and it can be done on the spot in our workshop. Book Now on 07932 999-229, or complete the B... Read more
Data Backup Data Backup Keep your important files safe by using this convenient service. Backup and keep all your family photos, videos and music, giving you peace of mind in the event of a virus or your computer crashing. Book Now on 07932 999-229, or complete the Book a Repair form This service is available on site or in our workshop Tel... Read more
Data Recovery Manchester Data Recovery Manchester We can recover your precious photos, videos and any other files that have been deleted or corrupted on your hard drive, USB pen drives, or memory cards. All of the data we recover can be transferred onto a new hard drive, CD or DVD. This service is usually carried out in our workshop Book Now on 07932 999-229, or complete ... Read more
Recycling Recycling We can recycle your laptop or computer in the Manchester area. We can accept working or non-working base units, laptops, notebooks etc. We can accept equipment from all businesses/organisations and private individuals.We can collect quantities of IT equipment such as laptops and desktops in the Manchester and surrounding ... Read more
Data Cleansing Data Cleansing When you delete a file, it is not really deleted, and so can still easily be read. So before selling or disposing of old or unwanted computers and laptops, why not protect yourself against identity theft using our Data Cleansing Service. We will use a Government approved level of removal that permanently obliterates the who... Read more
Internet Filter Internet Filter Keeping your family safety on the internet can be a daunting task. Luckily our easy Internet Filter Service will block unsafe websites automatically on all your home network computers, laptops in one go ! Let us set it up for you quicktime, there is no software to install ! ( a suitable router may be required, we will advi... Read more
Website Design Website Design We can help with all kinds of websites, from simple designs, as well as e-commerce, and custom built database driven website development. For a free no obligation consultation. Call Now on 07932 999-229   Read more
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